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September 8, 2010 / luvgniliep


Met …

Wyj wwx lwj htw jj and 3 other person


went to bl had lunch cum dinner>207 shoot bird>e-net failed tdy>207 shoot bird> cab hme with wwx


I’m srsly useless, I can do nothing but only watch at my boys bcus I’m the only girl. My tears are on the verge of rolling dwn. I hate my boys getting serious, I prefer them heeheehaahaa-ing ,bcus seriousness meant problem.

However ..

I’m glad that it’s over and nothing rlly happened 🙂

Last but not least ..

Goodieluck to wwx for his english paper tmr ! And ahblack not ahpunehneh la, he’s chinese ^^

Not forgetting …


September 7, 2010 / luvgniliep


Growing up, maturing is a process for us both physically and mentally. When you’ve slowly understand certain things, you’ll realise you look at things from a different angle as compared to the past.


von joyce wyj gkl wwx wyl lk and two other ppl.

Went …

jp>jurong spring mac>boonlay>home at 7am


Eating talking walking dota audition cab hme with wwx aftht


Gkl wyj both argued bcus of me which made me felt abit guilty-.- . Wyj and wwx good recommendation to let ahbao sit beside me and I was pestered by him for that holy 3 hours.


wwx : (look at lk) eh u want the fried fish ? lk: dunt want .. me : xuan, u knw why lk dunt want? wwx : why? me : becus he nvr sniff the food,thts why he dunt want. Everyone went haha , HAHAHAHA.

wyj : bao,he say ur dick short no hair(point to wwx) ahbao: ask him go fuck himself go die. wyj : but he say u no guts leh,so young only. p4 still eat pacifier. ahbao: ask him suck my dick . wyj: he laugh at ur dick leh ahbbao: u ask him wait,i finish my game we settle outside wyj : he say cannot la knn. he wna jio u 1-1 leh. ahbao : (finish game and do the very ceng eh-come-out-fight-with-me face and hand signal). AND HAHAHA,he nearly pee on wwx and gkl that makes them damn peeved with him LOL. Imagine a p4 kid ?haha

Today is stay-home-day cus momma and aba got peeved with me as I came home in the morning for few consecutive days.So I’m a good girl tdy. But when I’m stying home they are all out, I’m all alone at home ..

September 6, 2010 / luvgniliep

If you ever come across..

I gave my firsts’ to you. But do you even know it is? I’m not the flirtatious kind of woman you think. All I need is a proper explaination and I’ve never ever wanted anything from you. Go back to where you belong then. We dunt belong to each other anyway. I think what you’re doing now was all needless.


i feel like crying tdy..

Edited :

Time to let it go. I’m not suitable to be in this game. Grateful that I still have friend that knows how to make decision for me. It’s not that hard too, right ? 🙂

I’m craving for pool swimming kbox sleepovers and many more nowzxc ! AND WHAT’S MOST IMPORTANT, I’m craving for ljs nowzxxccccv ! Slurpszx, MmmmmMMmMMMMm

September 6, 2010 / luvgniliep

I slept at 9am tdy till evening time to wake up and bathe myself bfre going for dinner. After dinner.. came hme to dig my dictionary fr wwx ,went to meet lwj follow by wwx and sat dwn to slack for few hours. My boys just literally agreed to pedicure when I suggested them in doing, all of them agreed and they’re much more excited than I am! MAD PLEASE. Not one ok, is like a few -.- KILL ME FOR HAVING THEM AS MY BOYS.

Ahhh whatever. I chose not to heed all my boys’ advice. Blame me for being obstinate.

U let me get so used to u being arnd and yet now u started to disappear. This is awesome and great. U were never mine to begin with anyway. Right? Please be gone for good, dunt be soft-hearted towards me and let me fall for it again. I chose to belive u. U make me relent in no matter hw many times I pushed u away. And the consequences for me now is to learn hw to let go and pretend nothing happened. Be faithful then.
September 5, 2010 / luvgniliep

(picture taken was abt feb/mar).

Compare me with 3 mths befre,  I swear I gained 10kgs !!! Seriously, I regretted getting so emotional and stopped exercising and started gaining weight. HAIII what to do ? gain also gain alr… work hard then !

Must be lwj’s fault la, slim down then transfer all his fats to me,tsk ! Last time I skinner than him one lorh, nw the reverse 😦

I met …..

Wyj gkl lwj htw lk jj mm yc dkjd and sme other ppl I dunt rlly rmb. Ahhhh they tricked me into going to E-net to dota !!!! stupidest and worsest thing ever ! I think froze inside lorh !

K, then I got home the next morning at 9am bcus I only went out at 11pm ytd night. NOW TIME FOR BED !!!

September 3, 2010 / luvgniliep

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September 2, 2010 / luvgniliep

Growing up

As promised, I scanned the pictures from my childhood into my lappy. HEHEHE, look at me , I’m so cute isn’t it ?!

How I wish my sis will stay with that face that height that cuteness forever -.-.

Oh, whatever. I got nothing else to say and anyway, let’s welcome sep holidays !!! 🙂