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September 9, 2010 / luvgniliep


I’d all this to lwj when he’s sleeping. And he woke up reluctantly to entertain me and wyj, HAHAHAHA !

I went to look for Ahmay ytd and Aba came to fetch me home to refrain me from going out to play. However… I went home bathe and went out again ๐Ÿ˜› .


Wyj htw lwj gkl jj


Shoot bird at 207 and challenge game all the way, home at 7am with lwj .

HAHAHA thing ..

Me : eh,you want to eat?(looking at lwj) Lwj : bl ah? dunt want la. u still eat,eatng bfr u sleep will fat one leh. Me : knn la, fine i dunt eat*pouts* Lwj : giggling all the way . (FEW MINUTES LATER) Lwj: eh ltr we go back our house thr we go get the nasilemak,damn nice one (Y) Me : i tot u say eat befr slping will FAT lor ? Lwj : (change topic and look elsewhere) (GO BACK MY PLACE) Lwj : u want eat? Me: eat here or pack home? Lwj: pack home lorh. Me: orh, thn i dunt want,u eat lorh. Lwj: kla,we eat here, u eat hor otherwise later u got tuition how.

Wtf srsly right, just few minutes befr scold me only then aft ask me eat smemre,zzzz. Smemre imagination sure good for him(Y). And ytd is finally one fine day that they didnt dotaaaaaa ๐Ÿ™‚

Tuition at 0330 later. Tdy is stay home day, I swear !! Unless for my foodie ^^

I tot I’ve forgotten about your presence until ytd. I tot numbing itself works,but it actually doesnt.


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