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December 3, 2010 / luvgniliep

back to blogger, y’ll know the link ya ? Just : 🙂

November 27, 2010 / luvgniliep


Was trying out the cammy and I used both of them as my “model” . How professional? Hah !

Leaving for genting tmr and my bag is already 75% packed,yay ! 4 more hours to wait for them to be awake and then off we gooooz ! 🙂

Anyway… I don’t know what’s with my lwj lately. He isn’t as happy as before. No worries, princess buy you candies from m’sia ,bao you happy until roll on the floor 😀

Hope my girls will return back to normal when I return from gentingggg, okay. Shall grab some sleep now before the sky turns bright. BYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYEBYE ! 🙂

November 23, 2010 / luvgniliep

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September 13, 2010 / luvgniliep


-Will be there till I miss wordpress 😛

September 12, 2010 / luvgniliep


I felt that it has been very long when it’s just only a few days.

I know I definitely deserves better. I know I shouldn’t have take it seriously in the first place. I’ve so much to say,very much wanted to break down and cry my heart out to make myself feel better but I don’t know what’s stopping me.

I’ve been putting up a strong front. I’ve been trying real hard to heal. I don’t why since when’d I become so vulnerable.

it’s always better not to know the truth, becus truth hurts.

September 11, 2010 / luvgniliep

Finally my girls -1

Finally after a week of meeting my boys(everyday), I met my girls. Went to get KOI and then travel to town. Had my lunch at Yoshinoya then blablabla and home A-L-O-N-E ! 😦

WHATEVER~ Hence I made my way home slowly and walked home from mrt station cus I realised I’ve been gaining weight and not exercising-_-

Got home and slept all the way till now, straight 13hrs despite reaching home at 8am in the morning on friday. I met my girls only after 3hrs of sleep 😦

Ah,whatever. School’s up on tuesday.

I feel like sleeping again.

September 9, 2010 / luvgniliep


I’d all this to lwj when he’s sleeping. And he woke up reluctantly to entertain me and wyj, HAHAHAHA !

I went to look for Ahmay ytd and Aba came to fetch me home to refrain me from going out to play. However… I went home bathe and went out again 😛 .


Wyj htw lwj gkl jj


Shoot bird at 207 and challenge game all the way, home at 7am with lwj .

HAHAHA thing ..

Me : eh,you want to eat?(looking at lwj) Lwj : bl ah? dunt want la. u still eat,eatng bfr u sleep will fat one leh. Me : knn la, fine i dunt eat*pouts* Lwj : giggling all the way . (FEW MINUTES LATER) Lwj: eh ltr we go back our house thr we go get the nasilemak,damn nice one (Y) Me : i tot u say eat befr slping will FAT lor ? Lwj : (change topic and look elsewhere) (GO BACK MY PLACE) Lwj : u want eat? Me: eat here or pack home? Lwj: pack home lorh. Me: orh, thn i dunt want,u eat lorh. Lwj: kla,we eat here, u eat hor otherwise later u got tuition how.

Wtf srsly right, just few minutes befr scold me only then aft ask me eat smemre,zzzz. Smemre imagination sure good for him(Y). And ytd is finally one fine day that they didnt dotaaaaaa 🙂

Tuition at 0330 later. Tdy is stay home day, I swear !! Unless for my foodie ^^

I tot I’ve forgotten about your presence until ytd. I tot numbing itself works,but it actually doesnt.